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The POSTAL SHOOTING PROGRAMME – For Rifle & Handgun shooting...

The SA Wingshooters Association is now a “ONE-STOP-SHOP” association for firearm owners. We have a shooting programme for all the firearms you own, including air rifles and semi-automatic rifles… read on to see how you can benefit from this members’ programme!

The SA Wingshooters Association is a fully accredited hunting association, in fact, we were the second association in the country to be accredited by the SAPS. We are all wingshooters first and foremost as well as rifle hunters and handgun hunters or sport shooters thereafter.

The mission and purpose of any hunting or sport shooting association should be the education, upliftment, training and support it offers to its members and should assist members at all costs to ensure their participation in this cultural activity of ours. SA Wingshooters recognises its duty and we are proud to offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ for firearm owners. We take great pleasure in annoucning the new PSP (Postal Shooting Programme) for handguns and rifles. All hunters and shooters need to prove now, more than ever, that they are serious and responsible shooters. As a SA Wingshooter member you can now choose to participate in our PSP to qualify as an occasional sport shooter for handguns, rifles and air rifles. This gives you more benefits as a member and, in doing so, also adds to the motivation of a member to keep his current licenced firearms or to apply for new firearms.

On joining the PSP (for just R100 per year), you will have the additional option to shoot in the PSP competition which will run during the course of the year, from January through to October of that year.  During this time you can shoot as many times as you like with your rifle or handgun by downloading the targets from the "ALL DOWNLOADS" page and shooting at a shooting range of your choice. Then simply post or scan and email your shot targets to us. Your best target (score) of the year will be automatically entered into the competition.

Competitors in the PSP Competition will also receive on request an Sport Shooter Certificate, an endorsed participation letter and proof of PSP membership. This can all be presented as proof and motivation for new licence applications or re-licencing. Secondly, it’s never a bad idea to practise as much as possible to maintain keen marksmanship skills, weapons handling and safety.

To join the PSP you need to first be a SA Wingshooters Association member as this is a members-only programme. You do NOT NEED to shoot every year as this is occasional sport shooting only. That’s why we have a membership-only option for which you will receive a ‘programme member certificate’. If you WOULD like to shoot and participate in the shooting competition, then you pay a nominal Competition annual fee for targets, admin, etc.

So, jump in… and join the PSP today for gun-owner’s peace of mind and superior benefits that sets us apart from the rest!

Targets can be downloaded from the 'ALL DOWNLOADS' page.


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