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OFFICIAL Codes of Conduct of the SA Winsghooters Association...

True sportsmen of the hunting fraternity generally have as companions those with whom they share their activities, people whose company they enjoy, and people who invariably mirror their own sentiment in respect of the ethics of the sport. Wingshooting, in particular, is a centuries old cultural and social activity steeped in tradition. Moreover, because walk-up or driven wingshoots often involve several shooters in the same field at the same time (up to 40 guns may be participating), safety is a critical issue and the safety rules are strict and non-negotiable. In addition, there are often bird dogs involved that may not be readily visible to shooters and that add yet another dimension to the need for safety procedures and ethical conduct.

A hunter who wishes  to be invited to hunt with others more than once, should respect the unwritten rules on the ethics of wingshooting. Wingshooting hosts occasionally get saddled with some thoughtless or careless person who either does not know or ignores the basic rule of good manners, good sportmanship and general veld behaviour. This sort of person, fortunately in the minority, is not welcome if he cannot be educated to the finer points of the sport.

The hallmarks of a good companion afield and a responsible hunter go far beyond the obeying of the statutory laws. They involve a basic Respect for Life, respect for the property of the landowner, an appreciation of fine companionship and of the game being hunted. Examples of No-No actions are the shooting of gamebirds on the ground, or out of trees, when roosting. Although there may not be a law prohibiting this, no true sportsman would do it. 


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