SA Wingshooters Association

South Africa's No.1 Accredited Hunting & Sport shooting Association

Qualifying as a Dedicated Sport Shooter/Person


The requirements for obtaining a Dedicated Sports Shooter status are as follows:

A.    All prospective applicants will have pay the relevant course fees of R570 and complete a practical shooting qualification exercise, in either handgun, rifle or shotgun. A minimum final score of 50% must attained in order to qualify and must be signed off by a range officer or club official. This can be done at any shooting range in the Republic of South Africa or at our own LRSC range in Gauteng. Our standard PSP Competition targets must be used for rifles and/or handguns and can be downloaded form our website. Check under ALL DOWNLOADS in the menu on the left of this page, and see under the PSP section. A person may qualify using any of the PSP targets, using the rules, conditions and distances as set out on each of the target types. A person may qualify with a manual rifle, self-loading rifle and handgun using the PSP targets, or using a shotgun at any clay target range. Only one target needs to be shot for handgun and rifle. Should a person choose to use a shotgun to qualify, one round of 25 clay targets must be shot.


B.    Members who already hold Dedicated Sports Shooter status at another SAPS accredited association can apply for the same status with us based on their current DSS status and RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). Current proof of such status must be submitted to the association’s office.

C.    Maintaining of Dedicated Sport Shooter status:    All qualified dedicated sport shooter members will have to submit an annual report to us, in confirmation of their minimum dedicated sport shooting activities, as required. A minimum of ANY three (3) sport shooting activities per year must be maintained in order to retain such status. Reports must be sent to the office or logged onto our on-line member portal.

Once a person has completed the practical shooting test, he/she can scan and email it/or fax it to the office, along with the completed and date stamped practical assessment form, which will be emailed to a person after registering for the Dedicated Sport Shooter/Person course.

Please contact the office should you require more info.

The SA Wingshooters offers the following sport shooting disciplines:

Long Range Shooting Club

This is a separate club within the association. Members of the LRSC has access to our own private 1,8km standard long rifle range. This range is open to members only every day of the week and we have more than 20 steel targets of various sizes permanently set up. We also boast a special 2,2km and 2,4km extended range, for specific events.* Click here to go to the LRSC Home Page.

* Extended range only open on special request.

Handgun and rifle shooting

We host the annual PSP target shooting competition, as well as the standard PSP target shooting postal participation programme. Members can participate in these events all year round.

Self-Loading Rifle shooting

We host TPS and TPS 2-Gun (Tactical Precision Shooting) at our LRSC range, which is specifically designed for self-loading rifle shooting and competitions, and 2-gun (handgun & rifle) shooting matches and events.

Clay Target Shooting

We offer shotgun training to members at Sterkfontein Shooting Academy (between Pretoria and OR Tambo airport). This venue is exclusive to SSA members and with kind agreement to SA Wingshooters members as well. No public allowed. Many other clay target shooting clubs offer special discounts to SA Wingshooters members. Contact the office for more information. We arrange and host clay target shooting events and an annual competition as well.

Self-Loading rifles

We have specific divisions in the LRSC sub-club for self-loading rifle participation and competitions. In these specific division, competitors may ONLY use self-loading rifles. No bolt action or manual rifles may enter these matches/competitions in this specific division. Members of SA Wingshooters can participate in the PSP self-loading rifle division target shooting throughout every year.Self-Loading rifles.